Living by Values

Living by Values

Do you ever feel like things are just not working? Like your life is utter chaos and everything seems out of alignment? Well, that’s probably because it is! How do we strive for more harmony? This, I believe, is where values come into play. When I ask people what...
What keeps you stuck?

What keeps you stuck?

Are there things in your life that you really want and it seems like something has a hold on you? Or maybe you are unsure if the thing you really want is for you. I can relate to all of this. As an Entrepreneur, even moreso. The daily voice that creeps in and looks at...
Inspired Thought

Inspired Thought

Have you ever felt like you came up with an amazing idea and for some reason or another you didn’t act on it? Have you really looked into where thought comes from? Why should you take that idea and run with it? I believe that when inspiration hits you should take off...

How is Fear Lurking in Your Life?

  Do you wake up some days feeling as if you can conquer the world and then other days you wake up feeling the world is just too big! When I started my business 16 years ago I had that conquer-the-world feeling. As my journey began I was filled with pure desire...


,Do you have a word for this year? Do you think about an area of your life you want to get better? John Maxwell has taught me this gem. Pick a word for the year that you can surround yourself with. An area of growth for you. The word for me this year is CONCENTRATION....

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