,Do you have a word for this year? Do you think about an area of your life you want to get better?

John Maxwell has taught me this gem. Pick a word for the year that you can surround yourself with. An area of growth for you.

The word for me this year is CONCENTRATION.

In Napoleon Hills book  “Think and grow Rich” he talks about having a Definite Purpose and Desire.  He speaks about having such a burning desire and persistence against all obstacles. This takes Concentrated effort.

I have now read this book cover to cover 10 times. I plan on making it my number one read again this year. I started the year 2016 in a study group and then I started teaching the material. Every time I read this book it takes me to a new level of conscious thinking.

It is not the only book I read this year, however I will say that it has led me to books that have helped me dive deeper into the process of Concentration. It has helped me to uncover my thinking. If I would have read this book once and put it on the shelf I would not have discovered the areas of growth that were right in front of me.

Darren Daily said something the other day when I was watching his daily videos ( http://www.darrendaily.com) he spoke about his daily reading. He reads for  30 min a day every day to up level his thinking. He made it very clear that it is not the amount of books you read, It is better to read 1 book 32 times than to read 32 books.

This little habit of waking up early and reading for 30 min everyday without fail has been a LIFE CHANGER me as well.

Now I have added a whole new layer to the process. I read and reflect. I reflect on yesterday and think about what went well and observe myself in the area’s of how I can do better. This is the area of concentration I am talking about. Really observing your behavior so that you are working on the habits that are not serving you.

What word will up level your game in 2017?  What would be one word that will have the most impact for you and how will you use it everyday to change your life?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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