OPEN PARTY SATURDAY NIGHT!! SEPTEMBER 6th, 6:30-9:30 at the Salon!!


Hair and Fashion Show Inspired by Michelle’s Gallery! Gourmet Cheese spread from The Cheese Cave! BYO Wine, we have the glasses!


Meet Michelle! 

Sometimes it’s pencil & charcoal, other times it’s face & body paint, and occasionally, maybe even a little photography. Whatever the medium is, it all makes me feel alive.

I knew that I loved to draw when I was very young. You could find me, behind the clothes in my brothers’ closet, drawing on the walls. I’m sure my parents were thrilled when I finally moved out and stopped painting on their walls!

I am completely self-taught. There is probably easier ways to achieve what I do, but this is my way. The way my brain says things should be drawn, painted etc. Practice…. make mistakes, try again and hope that my brain can turn off so that I can get some sleep while I am working on a project.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and Bring Your Friends! #ConcreteGalleries

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