Farewell Holly! An Interview.

Apr 19, 2019 | Beauty, Fashion, hair, Larry's Blog, Lifestyle, Trends

If you haven’t heard by now, one of the Dream Team will soon be leaving Salon Concrete.  Holly Young has been an a thriving and positive member of the Salon Concrete team for many years, but she will soon be leaving the East Coast for the artsy and hip city of Austin, Texas.  We recently sat down with Holly to reminisce about her time with the Salon and her future in “weird” city.

Larry: Describe your first day at Salon Concrete:
Holly: My first day at Salon Concrete if I can remember correctly, it’s been a while ha, was not what I expected. I remember it being fun and fast paced. I was inspired by all of the stylists to become great like them. I was also pleasantly surprised with the salon flow and systems that were used for everything. Also I remember thinking to myself, this is a lot of cleaning we have to do just to close.. we have to do this every night?!

Larry: How long have you been with the salon?
Holly: Ive been with the salon for 7 years.

Larry: Wow, 7 seven years… that’s a lot of haircuts.Tell us about one of your favorite haircuts? why?
Holly: Its always hard for me to try and think about what my favorite haircut is and thats because it really depends on the person wearing it. Usually my favorite haircut is one of my favorite clients because they make the experience enjoyable. If I really had to say it would probably be a bob because its classic, beautiful, and never gets easier to perfect.

Larry: What do you think you learned about hair at the salon?  What did you learn about yourself?
Holly: Ive learned that in order to be great at anything, one must go through a process that most people would describe as uncomfortable. I then became comfortable with that process. My mindset  changed from ’I can’t do that, thats too hard.’ To ‘I can do anything, let’s start the process.

Larry: Do you think you are the same person today as the person that first walked in? why?
Holly: I am not the same person today. Ive learned to be patient, listen to people, constantly take inventory of myself and make improvements, find confidence in myself and others,  grow others, and to celebrate my mistakes and learn from them.

Larry: Tell us about your experience working with Christine?
Holly: I love working with Christine. She is a strong female role model that I’ve never taken for granted. I immediately became close with her and her family, she took me in as one of her own. Christine believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and provided me with the tools to become the best version of myself. That is something I will always do for others. She made working with her easy, inspiring, and always kept it interesting.

Larry: So, After 7 seven years and many nights cleaning up the salon, why hair?
Holly: I chose hair because I knew It could take me all over the world and I could make a living anywhere. I didn’t know I would fall in love with the craft of haircutting while creating unique connections and life long friendships in the process.

Larry: Leaving good ol’ NJ for Austin.  What inspired you to make the change? why?
Holly: I was inspired to make the move to Austin by the diversity, friendliness, weather, and  balance of city and nature. Its always been a goal of mine to live in other cities and experience different cultures.

Larry: just a word of advice.. find a well air-conditioned salon.  Those summer days in Austin are brutal.  The first time i was there (mid August), the city was dead during the day.  I said where is everyone?  I found out from the locals, they all hide during the day because of the extreme heat.  All jokes aside, I have nothing but big dreams and goals for you.  I know you will continue to flourish and thrive (despite the heat).

Larry: What are your personal/professional plans for the future?
Holly: Some of my personal plans for the future are to travel and explore as many cities and national parks as I can. To meet and cultivate meaningful relationships with people from all over. To really figure out who I am and what I enjoy with out the influence of my support system. My professional plans are to continue to grow in advanced education, becoming the best stylist and educator I can be. To influence others to be the best version of themselves while enjoying the process of connection and creation.

Larry: What will you miss most about working at Salon Concrete?
Holly: I will miss most my team. All of them I’v grown with or from and its been an amazing journey. They all inspire me every day and continue to contribute and protect the precious culture that christine has created and that is one of my favorite things about the salon.
Larry: I know I will miss you dearly.  I am sure everyone else will, as well.

Larry: For those that want to stay in touch or just want to know how you’re doing in Austin… do you have a facebook or Instagram you want to share?
Holly: Yes facebook – Holly Young instagram- Holllyyoung. Also ill share when ill be home and spending a day or two at the salon!

Larry: Any last comments you want to share?
Holly: Nothing more that I can think of at the moment!

Larry:  Well, I know we would all love to hear about your new adventures… maybe in your free time, you can start a blog… Holly’s New Adventures.

It’s not too late.  There is still time to book an appointment with Holly before she leaves.


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