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Nov 16, 2018 | Beauty, Christine Zilinski, Fashion, Larry's Blog, Trends

This week’s post is for the men!

You may not think men have the same, overt emotional highs which women receive after getting their hair done, but nonetheless, men will experience their own feeling of joy and satisfaction.  Being pampered and looking good is fundamental to all sexes.  If they could only bottle and sell that euphoria once you leave the salon (or barber), we would all be rich (in happiness).  
Many men learn their grooming techniques from their fathers. Perhaps, it is a rite of passage, where father/son bonding goes beyond the athletic field to daily hygiene and personal grooming, in this case, getting your haircut. There are the men who love to get a new fade every week. They want to make sure all the lines are clean and sharp. And then, there are the men who find it a chore and will  wait until the last minute. Most men may fall somewhere in between and getting your haircut regularly is still a necessity.
The age ol’ question: How often should I get my haircut?  While the speed at which your hair grows is an important factor, it isn’t the primary one. The frequency of your haircuts should be dictated by the hair style. Obviously, the shorter the hair, the more often you will need to get it cut. If you have longer hair, and it grows at the normal rate of half and inch a month, it isn’t going to be as important to you. (but, keep in mind, regular trims keep hair healthy and rid of split ends).  With the current trend in mens’ hair being short on the sides and back, and longer on the top.  You’ll want to keep that separation looking fresh and tight, or as some barbers call it, “the brand new sneaker look.”  If the hair continues to grow in without consistent trims, it will look messy and unkept.
Is it all just shallow aesthetics?  A University of London study by Tamika Roper and John Barry suggests there can be positive, long term health benefits from frequent visits to a salon (more specifically a barber). In the study, 61 percent of the men obviously went to the barber to get their hair cut, but the other 39 percent were “not here for the hair.”  Going to the barber was an outlet in therapy. Talking about personal issues which they would not be comfortable talking about to a therapist or friends.  The study also suggests the longer the visit to the barber, the stronger  the therapeutic effect.
So, if you still aren’t sure how often you need or want to cut your hair, a better solution may be having the option of going as much as possible.  Salon Concrete (Bell Works) offers a men’s Barbering Club which offers unlimited haircuts, clean ups and beard trims for $49.99 a month.  It also includes 10% discount off all products.  Think about it, men, for 50 bucks a month, you get a fresh fade, a crisp haircut, discounted products, and arguably a good, therapeutic session.
Call today to sign up or visit the website.


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