How is Fear Lurking in Your Life?

Jan 20, 2017 | Christine's Blog, Concrete Leadership



Do you wake up some days feeling as if you can conquer the world and then other days you wake up feeling the world is just too big!

When I started my business 16 years ago I had that conquer-the-world feeling. As my journey began I was filled with pure desire and excitement. Nothing could stop me. Not even the fact I had no idea what I was doing.

When have you felt you could conquer the world? Have you ever looked back on a difficult time that seemed impossible in the moment, and said to yourself, “I am not sure how I did that?”

Conquering what seems impossible is not an accident. We have the power within us to do anything we desire. Do you believe that?

I used to believe I could accomplish anything, but only up to a point. Now, with the wisdom of my experience and all that I have learned, I know the point that used to stop me comes from my own beliefs and limits.

So, like I said earlier, when I opened my business I had not a clue how to run it. Sometimes I think I was better off not knowing! Not knowing allowed me to dive in first and ask questions later.

So what happened? I discovered along the way that from time to time I have let FEAR creep in. And it wasn’t even my own fear! Often it came from the voices of others.

In my early business days I was so strong with my desire and clear about what I wanted. Over time I hired more and more people and invited more and more opinions from them. I enjoyed inviting people to share their creative input. But, I didn’t always realize that what is really important when you do let others in, is being aware enough to know what is lurking in their minds. Be on the lookout if their beliefs and fears are limiting you because they haven’t fulfilled their dreams and gotten what they wanted out of life.

Fear is a silent killer; it robs us of our dreams, it erodes our confidence, it freezes our forward motion. We need to take it seriously.

How do we know if fear is holding us back? Here are some common things we say to ourselves without even realizing it’s the voice of fear talking: I don’t have the money. I don’t know how. I don’t have time. I’m not as good as they are.

These thoughts, my friends, are a figment of our imagination.

We can easily make use of our imagination in a more powerful way. Start by imagining yourself with COURAGE!

Because one of the best muscles you can use to overcome fear is courage. And, yes, you can build upon courage to cancel your fears. Here are three ways I have been working on being a FEAR slayer!

  1. I read. A lot! I am continuously inputting good data and ideas into my mind. This really helps build a reserve for when those fear-minded folks start speaking too loudly.


  1. Use affirmations to build your courage and get into the habit of using them every day. Here’s a great link for ideas:


  1. Find like-minded people and gather in some way or even build a mastermind group. Being around these courageous people has helped me tremendously.


I look forward to hearing how you are conquering your fears!


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