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I love when this situation happens:

You are tired, a bit overworked, and slightly beat up from the naysayers!  You know who I’m talking about…the ones that have so much fear in them that they only feel secure or stronger when they give some of their negativity to you.

When you share your vision and your dreams with them, their immediate reply is something along the lines of:

How will that work?

I’ve seen that happen before and it just doesn’t work.”

Why do you want to work so hard? Is it all worth it?

I can go on for days. We all know what this is like: it makes you feel isolated and lonely.

Well, I was having one of those days as an entrepreneur. I felt that no one understands that I have a purpose and a fire. That I was purposely put on this earth to make better hairdressers, and hopefully influence others to want to do the same.

INFLUENCE-gblackInfluence is an interesting law.

I thought, before I learned about this, that it was easy and everyone has influence. Yes they do, but what kind of influence do they have? Are they able to lead more than the people under them? Are they influencing your vision or theirs? This is what is critical.

I think people that are able to influence others in a way that has positive impact on your company, is when they influence you!

Do you have an employee that is leading you? If your answer is yes, then you know you have a team of people beside you that can influence others to see the bigger vision.

So back to my story. I was having one of those days, and one of my team members says, “Why don’t we build an education company (like so and so)? Why are we working for all these brands, why are we not building our own brand? Why don’t we build a strong team that lives eats and breathes hair? I want our team to be like that.”

Now inside, I’m thinking:

I’ve been trying to do this for 14 years and where were you? Can’t you see this is what we are doing? 


And then POW, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been letting the naysayers influence me and create obstacles in front of my bigger vision.

My team member may not have realized it, but at that moment, she influenced me to regain my POWER. She just added gasoline to my dim flickering light. She influenced me to trust and believe that I have a team that is willing to stand by my vision. That is true leadership.

How do you identify the leaders in your company? They are the ones that are influencing you to go for your goals, ignite your passion and drive it home.

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