Inspiration for your summer hair!

Jun 4, 2019 | Beauty, Fashion, Larry's Blog, Lifestyle, Trends

Memorial Day has passed. The kids will be out of school soon. The days are getting hotter and longer. Summer is here. When it comes to fashion and hair, summer is generally a more relaxed time… just think about any warmer climate community: the Caribbean Islands, Southeast Asia, San Diego and even Long Beach Island. The fashion is more bohemian with less maintenance. For this week’s post, we wanted to give you a medley of photos as inspiration for your summer hair.

Before you dive into the photos, we do suggest a visit to the salon. The stylist can determine your needs before the humidity, sun and chlorine begin. When it comes to the heat, my philosophy is less is more. Take some length off, add some bangs, or even shave it all off. We’ve included some photos of women looking strong and feminine in the classic crewcut.
When it comes to pulling your hair back, think outside of the box. We did say casual and carefree, but we still want to look effortlessly chic. As you will see anything from flowers to rope can be used to pull the hair back, and you’ll look fresh and fun doing it. The summer is also a great time to play around with color. While orange, pink and bright blue may be harder to pull off with Fall and Winter palettes, the bold colors look great with summer whites and pastels.
So, take a look at the photos, and hopefully you find some fun inspiration for your next picnic or day at the beach.


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