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Apr 12, 2017 | Christine's Blog, Concrete Leadership

Have you ever felt like you came up with an amazing idea and for some reason or another you didn’t act on it?

Have you really looked into where thought comes from? Why should you take that idea and run with it?

I believe that when inspiration hits you should take off like a bat out of hell. Who knows when it will strike like that again! Those thoughts are meant for you, however if you wait too long they will continue along and end up with someone else.

This recently happened to me. The worst part about it, is that I am reading the book the BIG Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book talks about this exact scenario, except she speaks about a book someone else wrote that should have been hers!

As I am in the middle of the book, I go to a seminar and watch this amazing woman stand up and present a new product she created on a power point presentation. I am sitting in the audience ready to have a complete meltdown. It is the same damn thing I have been trying and wanting to do for the last several years. I mean I am talking 5 years ago I started this project.

One major problem. I didn’t have the right people to make it happen with me. And two I lack the focus at times to follow the project through, which is why I need a person gifted in follow-through by my side at all times. These are hard lessons, but if this doesn’t teach me, I could make this very same mistake again.

When I think powerful, good feeling thoughts, they bring me lots of inspired ideas.

We are our thoughts and, if you are really honest with yourself, a lot of times our thoughts are not really helping us out.

I am one that pays close attention to my thoughts. I want to look at them and make sure they are serving me well and contributing to good results. So I make sure that I focus on love, appreciation, and gratitude. If I don’t make this my main priority then things seem to go down hill.

Try this some time. Really pay attention to what you think about. Are you appreciative of your environment? Do you wake up and thank your pillow and your bed for all the comfort it gave you? We take these small things for granted and when we do this it leads us to want more and more and not be grateful for what we have. Not sure what happens to you, but for me I start to think everything in my life isn’t good enough and could be better.

When we think like this it cuts us off from our inspired thought and leaves us feeling defeated.

Now, I could take this experience and get frustrated and give up or I can do what I am committed to do: stay focused, gather my team and make this happen.

The beauty in all of this this is that I met a powerful woman that created this product and she is amazing and I feel like I have met a new friend. She has inspired me once again to listen to the voice that says “you got this!!”


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