Introducing “Color Drain”!

Dec 15, 2014 | Concrete Collections, Concrete Galleries, Fashion


Salon Concrete Introduces Collection “Color Drain”

Inspired By the Charcoal Drawing of Artist Michelle Weadock

Christine Zilinski and her lead Salon Concrete senior stylist, Mallory were inspired to create “Color Drain,” a collection modeled from the charcoal drawings of artist, Michelle Weadock.  The dark, gothic-like drawings depicted a combination of iconic women, including Marilyn Monroe, and sketches of butterflies with gray scale tones and accents of bright pink.

Mallory explains that the Color Drain collection was a nod to the grey scale of the charcoal drawings with each model showing a piece of a gradient scale, working from platinum blond to the bluest black.  The matte finish of the hair also represented the dry texture of the charcoal itself. To incorporate the butterfly drawings into the hair collection, each haircut was symmetric to embody the almost mirror image like quality of the butterfly wings.  Hair wefts were splattered with muted pink tones which tied in the brightness from the butterflies, as well as created an airy-like movement.  The collection wardrobe was mostly black and white fashions to represent the gothic, moody nature of Weadock’s work.

Weadock was selected as a signature artist for the Concrete Gallery, a program where unique and interesting local artwork is displayed at Salon Concrete.  As part of the gallery, the Salon Concrete team hosted an opening party for Weadock and her “Beauty & Icons” art collection. This provided an opportunity for the Color Drain hair collection to come to life, using striking charcoal hair color tones ranging from bluest black to platinum, and be shown in conjunction with the beautiful work that it was inspired by.

About Mallory

Mallory is at her best when she is surrounded by people – friends, family, her husband and dog, people from all walks of life including those who find themselves in her salon chair.  Clean lines, modern architecture, art deco and 40s/50s/60s hair and fashion serve as the creative fuel to motivate and inspire her. Mallory’s passion for hair cutting and education combined with a strong training background with Bumble & Bumble, Wella, Vidal Sassoon and of course Salon Concrete, is what makes her truly great at what she does.  To enhance the beauty industry and raise the standard of excellence in education is her primary goal, just above her mission to travel and see the whole world someday.

About Michelle Weadock

The “Beauty & Icons” art collection, created by local Monmouth County resident and Salon Concrete client, Michelle Weadock, is inspired by her love for the simple beauty of women from the 1950’s and 1960’s, and her admiration of the natural beauty of butterflies.  Her charcoal drawings of iconic women take on a slightly dark twist since some of the subjects appear in classic horror films.  Along with the portraits, Weadock’s collection of butterfly drawings with colored pencil will be on display.



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