Is your favorite color really the best color for your wardrobe?

Aug 14, 2018 | Beauty, Color, hair, Larry's Blog

You’ve probably had a favorite color since your childhood. Celebrity Stylist, Cristina Ehrlich says “Color is the number one most important thing to me when it comes to styling-  it’s what makes my service unique. The first thing I do with a new client is study their skin tone and figure out what’s going to look best.  It’s easy to wear black, but color can be so beautiful.”

Is your favorite color really the best color for your wardrobe?  Don’t get stuck in a rut wearing colors that don’t do you any justice.

What are your colors? First, it’s best to recognize which tones reflect your skin the most. Warm-tone skin has yellow, peach, and gold tints; Cool-toned skin has more pink, red or blue. So, which one are you? The simplest way to find out is to check the veins on your wrist. Cool tones have blue or purple veins;  while warm tones have green veins. After careful examination, and you still can’t figure it out, you are probably neutral. Those who are neutral have a slight grey or ashy tone.

So, which colors for which skin tones?

Cool Tones. Keep in mind cool tones can vary from very fair to dark skin, but overall, cool tones look best in blue, lavender, rose and grey. Colors to avoid would be orange, tomato red and strong yellows. These colors will clash with your skin and will either wash you out or accentuate flaws in the skin. Silver Jewelry works best for this skin type.
Warm Tones. Those with warm tones will look best in honey, olive, coral and cream.  As long as you stay on the “warmer” side of colors, you will be safe. Avoid icy or jewel tones such as icy blue, amethyst and sapphire. These colors will wash you out completely and reflect grey tones to your skin. Gold jewelry is best.
Neutral  For the lucky few which are neutral, either side of the color spectrum will work. Overall, the softer hues will accentuate your features much more (such as dusty pink, jade green, page yellow and ocean blue). Saturated colors will work but may be harder to pull off, with the exception of red (which is your best color).
There are other factors which can alter these rules such as eye and hair color. As well, these “rules” generally apply to garments which are worn closer to the face such as dresses, blouses and scarves. Exceptions would include those garments which are worn away from the face such as pants, skirts and shoes. Whether you want to play it safe or be a rule breaker, our general rule of thumb when it comes to sartorial choices… accentuate the positives in your life. Take you best assets and bring them forward. Those feel-good feelings will transfer into other areas of your life.


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