Keep your curls looking healthy and pretty during the winter months!

Dec 18, 2018 | Beauty, davines, hair, Larry's Blog

During the summer it’s almost daily we hear someone complain about how humidity wreaks havoc on their hair.

Winter conditions can be much more damaging to the hair and especially for those with curly hair. Curly hair faces many obstacles during the winter season, with much colder temperatures and drier climates, the air will cause the cuticle of the hair-strand to lift ever so slightly. Therefore, it is harder for moisture to stay locked into the hair shaft.  As well, with the weather being so frigid, it is hard to leave the house without hats and/or scarves. The continuous rubbing of the yarns and fabrics against the curls will also create damaging effects. On top of all the outdoor conditions, we are then faced with super hot homes and workspaces. The overheated, dry air is almost as bad as sitting under a blow dryer all day.
These are obstacles which cannot be avoided, but there are things which you can do to help keep your curls looking healthy and pretty during the winter months.

*Wash Less-

Many people especially those with curly hair find that washing their hair every day is not a good idea. To preserve your curls’ natural moisture, cut back on how often you shampoo your hair. If you feel the need to freshen up your scalp, try co-washing. Wash your hair with a cleansing conditioner. Make sure to choose the right conditioner for your hair type, and it will be gentler on your hair and you won’t be losing the moisture due to excess shampooing. 
Contributor stylist Kristen Collin’s gives her expert recommendation:  Davines’s Love Curl line contains a Curl Cleansing Cream that you alternate in your routine with regular shampoo and conditioner. It gently cleanses product and excess oil without removing too much of the natural oil your scalp creates. This is a product that does more than just rinsing and conditioning, but doesn’t cleanse as much as a traditional shampoo and conditioner. Just remember that it is important to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at least every third “wash” to avoid buildup on the scalp and hair.

*Bring back the moisture-

A humidifier is a great way to bring back some of the moisture to your curls. Sitting in a humid room for a few hours a day can be a daily treat from the harsh conditions. If you do not own a humidifier, take a warm shower (not hot) and let the steam bring hydration back to your hair. 
Kristen says, A weekly hair mask can also help with returning the moisture to your hair; try the Renaissance Circle for all-around hair health, the Love Curl Mask for curly hair, or the Nounou Hair Mask for hair that has been highlighted or processed. One of our stylists can consult with you to find the best hair mask for you and give you the directions for its use.

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*Avoid styling tools with heat

Give your hair a break.  Try to avoid the blowdryer and irons. The goal is to bring moisture back into the hair and not use products/tools which can take it away. 
Here is Kristen’s tip on using hot tools: If you find that you need to style your hair with heat, use a thermal protectant (tested to protect against heat up to 450 degrees) like Davines’s Melu Shield. Make sure that you are blow drying your hair to a smooth and completely dry state before even touching curling or straightening irons. Any questions about styling and protecting your hair can be answered by one of our stylists, and if you have any challenges with styling (whether naturally or with heat), you can always book a blow dry service and we will give you tips as we style your hair.


Conditioners are key. The goal is to keep moisture in the curls and keep the curls from being damaged. To combat dryness, deep condition at least once a week; twice if you are prone to excess dry hair. Before leaving the house, it’s best to seal the curls with an easily-absorbed oil. Natural oils will help keep the hair and scalp in their best conditions during the winter months.
Kristen debunks the myth that all oils makes your hair greasy:  Davines’s Oi Oil is best described as a dry oil, which means that it absorbs into the hair and works as a moisturizer. Choosing a hair oil is similar to choosing a skin moisturizer; many products lay on top and never get absorbed, so they only have an effect on the outside of the hair or skin, and that effect is a greasy film. The products that soak into your skin or hair create a lasting effect over time and are more than just a “quick fix”. This type of oil won’t weigh your hair down when used properly because it is working inside the hair’s structure to provide moisture to your hair.


For those with curly hair, it’s best to stick with softer yarns such as cashmere or mohair. Wool is a rougher yarn which can pull and tear at your curls, therefore causing breakage and frizz. It’s also best to stick with looser hats, and not wrapping that scarf too tightly around your hair.  Of course, a silk/satin pillowcase at night is essential for melanin-rich hair.
Kristen adds: Yes!  The silk/satin pillowcase is essential for hair that is prone to frizz, dryness, or breakage. If you are putting your hair up, use a fabric or spiral hair tie because they use less pressure on your hair that is already prone to breakage in the winter.


Hydration is essential for body and skin health. Your hair is not the only one to benefit from proper fluid consumption. Blueberries are recommended as a supplement to the hair diet because they contain proanthocyanidins which promote hair growth. Packed with Vitamin B, it also helps in growing your curls. In general, blueberries aid hair growth by improving oxygenation and circulation of blood in the body, particularly the scalp. 
Kristen notes: Davines’s NaturalTech Calming Shampoo and Superactive contain blueberry extracts and the line is especially beneficial for a scalp that is prone to itchiness, sensitivity, or inflammation.


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