Knowing Your Purpose is Key!

Mar 22, 2022 | new salon Concrete

People ask me all the time why do you train people? You invest so much in your people. What if they leave? I believe it’s worse first of all If I don’t train them at all and they stay!

Knowing your purpose is key. My mission is to transform and develop people. I learn, grow and give back to others to help them grow. It’s why I’m here. In this amazing transformation something happens, I grow too! Years of developing others and watching them fly, gives me the greatest joy! I find when I hold on so tight in fear that people will leave is when the most resistance happens, this is what takes away the joy of giving. My mission it that each person I come in contact with knows the unconditional love and dedication I have to their growth journey.

What are some struggles you have when developing your team? Are you afraid to invest? Have you had people leave to spread their wings?


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