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Dec 2, 2014 | Christine's Blog, Concrete Business

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Improve yourself and watch your business grow.

How much time should we spend on self improvement? Why should we even work on ourselves? How much money should we invest in our continued growth. What will it do for you, your life and your career?

As an owner of a company that employs a team of 18, I believe it is my responsibility to grow myself. If I don’t grow then how will my team grow?

When I first opened the salon I had come directly from working at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica. I was on fire thinking that I am going to create the best company based on the skills of cutting hair!! As I started the journey I realized I was capable of creating great, highly skilled hairdressers. What I didn’t realize at the time I was giving my team the tools to leave me. It was all about being a better colorist and cutter, that was all I focused on , just what I knew!

I then went and took a 7 year journey through a coaching program for Strategies Salon and business school. I can recall my first seminar the week after 9/11 in Chicago I was in a room full of Entrepreneurs that I felt knew way more than me. It was a very intimidating environment, I was way out of my comfort zone. I remember learning about the financial part of the business and having a glazed over look and thinking how much I hate numbers! Well I made it through that 4-day class and realized there is a whole lot I don’t know. Neil Ducoff, the owner of Strategies, was starting a coaching program to become a business coach. I went in the back of the room and said ‘sign me up!’ I knew nothing. I was as green as they come. I can cut hair like nobody’s business but that was it! Deep in my gut I knew I had a passion for growth and this was a stepping stone for me. I learned so much and have had amazing relationships through that journey. What it did for my company is priceless.

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Shortly after I decided that I was not ready to become a business coach, I had too much work to do on myself. So, I hired a coach! Jamie Sussel Turner had been a Guest of mine in the salon for about 10 years. Every time she would come in we would have the most powerful conversations. She was just about to make a career change and become a coach. I asked her If she would take me on as a client, 5 years later I still work with her weekly to this day. This process has been a paradigm shift for me. This experience has changed my life, my business and most of all, my relationships.

By going through this work it has made me realize that learning is like an onion, you just pull off one layer at a time. There is always one more layer! This is a life journey; the more I raise my lid the more opportunity I have to grow my team.

Recently I have decided to embark on a journey with the John Maxwell team. I have read his Leadership books and discovered my greatest gift and passion are in the development of others, and John and his Team have mastered the process of developing leaders. This journey so far has been life changing for me. It has compounded the knowledge and information of all my previous efforts and experience. It has reiterated to me that self-improvement is the key to growth. Develop yourself first, not your business.

How are you lifting your lid? What are you doing to improve yourself so that your team is able to grow? I have been so frustrated and curious why people don’t want to invest in themselves. What is in the way? Don’t they get it? What do I have to do to help them get it?

There is something missing, I looked in the mirror for a frustrating few years! Until finally it hit me like a ton of bricks falling from the sky. My coach is great, she didn’t give me the answer, she helped me discover that the power and potential is in me. I have to lift my lid as a coach and a leader for my team to lift theirs! If my expectation is for my team to be great leaders I have to be one myself. I need to master the process of coaching to unleash the potential of each individual on my team. WOW! This is powerful. People cannot change what they are not aware of.  If you focus on your own self improvement I believe you will unlock the key to success.



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