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May 4, 2018 | Christine's Blog, Concrete Leadership

Do you ever feel like things are just not working? Like your life is utter chaos and everything seems out of alignment?

Well, that’s probably because it is! How do we strive for more harmony? This, I believe, is where values come into play.

When I ask people what their values are they often look a bit confused, as though they never heard the word or ever thought about the meaning. I’m talking grown adults with families and entrepreneurs running companies. Yes, and I’m talking about me, years ago! I was the very same person.

By nature, I want to help people. I mean I really want to help them, and at times do their part of the work! A lot of the time, actually. This is both a blessing and a curse. When it comes to values I can’t make or control someone else’s values or behaviors, and neither can you. We need to set boundaries for who we are and what we stand for and then draw the line in the sand!

What I have learned is that when things seem hard with any relationship in my life I have to return to my values. Maybe something has changed or, in most cases, we are not defending our boundaries as to what we say we want and value.

So, I seem to be continually frustrated when I lose a staff member. It weighs on me because I love my team and I want them to be part of my organization and grow. However, I realize that when I have to manage someone heavily, then there is a problem. This is something I learned from Tim Collins in his book, “Good to Great.” This, my friends, is understanding your worth, your values, and that we are all 100% responsible for our part.

So, how can you live a life in harmony? I believe…..

  1. Identify your values
  2. Write down your non-negotiables and the behaviors you want to see.
  3. Create boundaries to protect your worth!
  4. Practice daily with all your relationships.

Lastly, understand that this is not easy stuff and be patient with yourself, allow for failure.

Stay focused and know you’re worth it!


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