Salon Concret 2013 head shots


Meet Senior Stylist Leanne

Leanne has a gift for delivering the most beautiful precision haircuts and is known for consistently giving each salon guest their perfect cut.  She is drawn to the beauty industry as a form of artistic expression.  Her inspiration is driven by the innocence of children who creatively know no boundaries and the passion that comes from new stylists with eager minds.

We invite ALL NEW SALON GUESTS to make an appointment with Leanne, our featured stylist of the month, and receive a complimentary conditioning treatment ($35 value) in addition to your service.

Leanne finds beauty in the change that came about at each decade, from the early 50’s to the 90’s, which brought a new wave of people, music, and fashions.  You will often find Leanne assisting Christine during the many education classes that she teaches.

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