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Oct 24, 2018 | Beauty, Christine Zilinski, Fashion, hair, Larry's Blog, Trends

For this week’s blog post, we wanted to bring the salon to you… or more specifically, our stylists. There may be many faces in the salon you do not know (yet).  In the upcoming weeks, we wanted to share some professional and personal thoughts of the talent.  Perhaps it can be a brief glimpse into the minds of the stylists or even an inspiration to start working with one of them.

This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kristen Collins… getting to know a little more about what she loves about hair, where she hangs out in Red Bank, and who is Lucy?


LW: How long have you been at Salon Concrete?

KC: I have been at Salon Concrete for about three and a half years. 

What do you think has been the most challenging?

  • The most challenging thing has probably been the training program. It involved a lot of growth and frustration, both personally and involving hair.

What do you think has been the most rewarding/inspiring?

  • The most rewarding thing has been being surrounded by people who are all so unique. Everyone pushes me to learn, try new things, and look at situations from a different perspective. 

Speaking of inspiration, is there a haircut or style which you are currently in love with? Why?

  • I’m currently loving really blunt bobs. They’re fun to cut and each person can style it in an individual way to suit their personality.

Is there a haircut/style  you would love to see come back? Go away? Why?

  • I would like to see more people getting pixies and bobs. I think that there might be people who have wanted to cut their hair short for a long time but don’t feel like they can. Now, we are seeing more celebrities that are well known for their short hair (Michelle Williams, Ruby Rose) so I hope people start to feel more comfortable. As far as styles that I wish would go away, I would say any “style” that people feel forced into wearing. For example, people working against their natural textures because they don’t feel like it is in style.

Where do you find inspiration?

  • I listen to music a lot, so I’m inspired by music and the hair of musicians that I like. My style day to day depends a lot on what music I listened to that morning. I am also very inspired by nature and I love hiking.

Do you have any recommendation for hair starting the Fall season? Why?

  • Definitely removing any dead ends from the summer. I also think it’s nice to start fresh with a shorter cut that works well with scarves and sweaters. Now that the humidity is gone, we can play around with different styles too without concern for the longevity of a style. 

Aside from hair..What do you do in your free time?

  • I’ve been getting into yoga, and you can usually find me reading, hiking, and hanging out with my cat, Lucy.

Current favorite song?

  • Levitation by Beach House

Last movie?

  • Bridget Jones’ Baby

Last fashion purchase?

  • Maroon sneakers by Allbirds

Next fashion purchase?

  • Probably a comfy sweater or a pair of boots!

Favorite spot in Red Bank?

Any final words about hair?

  • Don’t be afraid to change your hair- the best looks and innovation come from trying new things!


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