Behind the scenes we have been getting ready for opening. Each week Christine and some of the team have been meeting with Guests to talk about the process of opening. 

We are hopeful we will be opening mid-June. We do not have a date just yet from Governor Murphy. Soon as we hear, we will be calling. 

Our mission is to provide you with a safe and clean environment for you to come back to.

Some of the precautionary measures we will be taking:

  1. We will be limiting transactions at the front desk area. 
  2. We will be taking three future appointments to limit the traffic at the desk. 
  3. We will have an essential hair menu to start. 
  4. To start, we will be restricted to offer blow dry service, however will be styling with natural texture and offering braids and styled ponytails. 
  5. When we book appointments we will be asking guests 5 important questions about exposure and if they are sick. 
  6. Our stations will be every other station that will leave 10 ft between guests.
  7. Guests will remain in their cars or outside until their appointment time. 
  8. We have removed our waiting area. 
  9. Retail area will be a no-touch zone and all retail will be sanitized and kept in the back. 
  10. We will be releasing an ecommerce site. This site will be a way for you to purchase before you come into the salon and we can have your products sanitized and ready to go. 
  11. Stylists and all guests will be wearing a mask. 
  12. We have extended all our appointment times to have time to sanitize in-between visits. 
  13. The salon will be open 5 days a week Tuesday-Saturday, at the Red Bank location.
  14. We have the “Halo” purification system on our heating and air conditioning unit and have installed high end filters. 
  15. Our salon will be freshly painted and will be sanitized. 
  16. All guests and stylists will be wearing gloves at the time of visit. 
  17. We will be asking guests and stylists to bring essential items into the salon and keep them in a plastic bag. (no purse, computers, etc) 
  18. All stylist stations, chairs, countertops, bathrooms, door handles, and surfaces will be wiped down daily. 
  19. We will be starting with a soft opening the first week. Training the team on new procedures. 
  20. Week 2 - We will be taking clients that are most vulnerable the first couple days. After this we will be booking clients from the most frequent visitors. 
  21. Week 3 - We will be booking at a 30% capacity to start our business. This means that our team will be working 8 hours a day to start. 
  22. We will be changing our opening days and stylist schedules to limit the amount of people in our space. 
  23. There will be sanitation stations set up at each location when you enter the salon. 
  24. We will refrain from serving beverages at least for the first 30 days. 

This list has been growing as we have been working behind the scenes. This is subject to change as we continue working on this process of opening. 

Our number one value is PEOPLE FIRST. Please understand that I value you and my team and will take every precaution to keep our environment safe. 

I believe for all of us the thing we can do is to help us have patience with each other at this time. This is new and very stressful for all small businesses and Customers of all businesses. 

We will not rush this process. We have taken the time to plan out each week carefully and make sure our team feels safe and secure before moving forward. 

I thank you so much and can’t wait to see you!

~ Christine


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