I can remember when I worked at Vidal Sassoon, I was always eager to grow as a leader. Cleaning the entire staff room with Clorox bleach after hours and Doing anything and everything my manger needed, so I could learn and develop.

Thinking I was ready to manage and run the company! I look back on how much I din’t know and thought if they would just give me a position I would be able to the job better than they were!!

Now…many years later I have learned  it’s not the position that makes the leader. It’s who you are becoming and living into and the influence you have around you. Cleaning the staff room was a step in the right direction, but doing it consistently and then teaching others to do it would be the next step I din’t see at the time.  I see it so clearly now having my own company for the past 20 years. My #1 lesson even to this day is focus on who you are becoming and you will become what who you set out to be. “Position leadership is only the first level of leadership! It’s a the place to start, just not the place to stay for long.” ~ John Maxwell

What are some ways you are developing your team through their leadership? What areas are most challenging? How do you get your past position leadership?


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