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We are looking for just the right person to join the best salon team in New Jersey as our new Salon Guest Services Coordinator! We are having an OPEN INTERVIEW on Monday, April 21st.


The position description is as follows, please review carefully:

Salon Coordinator

Strategic Processes:

1. Computer Management: Ensure guest service computer is in working order. Communicate any error messages or malfunctioning equipment to Christine.

2. Promotions Process: Implement promotional processes by communicating to guests through email, in person, and through displays. Communicate with the marketing team: Janae, Russ and Christine before rolling out. Once promotion is approved communicate to all team members. This process is used for all promotions done in the salon for retail and service providers.

3. New Hire Process: Responsible for interviewing and hiring guest service team according to established processes.

4. Problem Solving – Communication Processes: Address specific employee issues to improve results and performance in a way that promotes the employee’s professional and personal growth and enhances your relationship with the team. Your personal and professional growth in this area is essential to your continued employment.

5. Employee Accountability: Hold employees accountable to established expectations specified, in employee handbook ,by: having a coaching conversation. Then document the coaching conversation and employee’s commitment to improved behavior with clear time expectations. Follow up with employee by offering specific feedback on their growth.

6. One-on-One Meetings: Meet with guests service team monthly and coach team on the salon business outcome goals(pre-booking, Frequency of visits, retail sales, and guest retention).

7. Coaching & Communication Documents: Utilizing and continuously honing your skills in coaching and communication by: reviewing training documents and practicing it with the team.

8. Maximizing Revenue: Lead the guests service team to maximize revenue by booking appointments with the greatest efficiency. Ensure the entire team deep understanding of the underlying principles of the four business outcomes. This will require you to balance the sea-saw between staff needs and guest needs.

9. Performance Review – Guest Service Evaluations: Meet with guests service team quarterly on their Key indicators ( booking efficiency, customer service, pre-booking, FOV, staff relationships, attitude, and coachability.)

10. Customer service: Lead guests service team by example of high end customer service. Continuously provide feedback and coaching to grow the teams customer service understanding and skills. Develop and monitor customer service systems.

11. Culture: Lives breathes and exemplifies the culture of Salon Concrete as described in the tagline the mission statement and core values.

Tactical Processes:

1. Salon Atmosphere: Maintaining a pleasant salon atmosphere is critical to maintaining a superior level of guest service.

2. Supply Management: email list of supplies needed weekly to Salon Coordinator in order to maintain consistent superior guest service.

To Apply: Please email a resume’ and cover letter to [email protected] OR Message us your resume’ and cover letter on Facebook.


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