Salon Concrete Named “Best Co-Branded Campaign” of 2014!

Sep 10, 2014 | Awards, Concrete Galleries

we’re thrilled to have received Salon Today’s 2014 “STAMP” award for Best Co-Branded Campaign for Concrete Galleries!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 1.01.29 PM

Once a quarter, Salon Concrete partners with a new artist to showcase his or her work in the salon, allowing the artist to expose work to the salon’s clients while the salon taps into the artist’s fan base. The artist showcase is launched with an opening party and ends with a closing party with the work being auctioned off and proceeds donated to a local charity.

Each opening and closing is promoted both through Salon Concrete and the artist’s website and social media channels, as well as the local media. During the opening and closing events for each artist, Salon Concrete prepares and presents models with gorgeous haircolor and cuts inspired by the works on display.

“We typically attract between 50 to 100 guests and generate five new clients per event,” Zilinski says. “These artists are in sync with the artistic and creative emphasis of the salon and inspire us with fresh, new art pieces.”

stay in touch with us on facebook, twitter & instagram for Concrete Galleries V, coming in November!


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