Hair and fashion have, throughout human civilization, defined how people see themselves in contrast to others. The 90s were marked by extreme minimalism and restraint as an expression of elite display. By contrast, the consistent luxurious excess of ancient imperial aristocrats—the fashionistas of the Ancient Greeks—can be recovered from period sculptures and artwork.

While standards of beauty and fashions shift through generations, eras, and epochs, humans have, as long as our records show, used the craft of their hands to dress themselves and display their bodies as art. Fashion, grooming, and makeup are ways that people can make their bodies into canvases.
This blog will be updated weekly, mostly on subjects related to hair and fashion. The posts  will range from seasonal trends to current events, and will hopefully include contributions from the community in the form of interviews with salon clients. Whether we’re posting on innovations and trends in hair, the fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, or exploring street fashion in NYC, our goal is to create a trusted and reliable space to find hair and fashion news. 
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