This looks like a planning session, right? That is, because, it is! It is a strategic planning session with the Concrete Teaching team, to focus on the growth of our education for this year. What I really want to share with you is what went down hours before this photo.

4:00am wake up / meditate

4:30am create a power point and one page plan for meeting.

5:30am plan my day, and journal for a few min.

5:45am Start my pod cast from Amy Porterfield on marketing.

6:00am hear screaming from by my 16 year old daughter she is screaming from a severe stomach ache. Get out the young living essential oils and help calm her down! Jump in bed by her side rubbing her back while she screamed her stomach hurt. Rubbed her to head while she drifted off to sleep. At this point get Jolie rocking and rolling as I have literally 5 min left to walk out the door, but not before I make the breakfast smoothie and take all my vitamins! We run out the door lunches packed and with about 3 min to spare I am at this table.

NO one had a clue what my morning was like. I bet when they read this they will be completely surprised about the stress I encountered. It’s not the situation that happens it’s how you react to the situation that matters. I wasn’t always this way. I used to react to what life threw at me. Now I have the foundation to handle those stressful situations.

How are you showing up for your team? What are some situations that get the best of you? What are some ways that help you not react?

P.S- notice Leanne hiding her face


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