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Jan 22, 2019 | Beauty, hair, Larry's Blog, Trends

It can be really overwhelming or just plain ol’ confusing to navigate seasonal trends, whether it’s clothing, hair or shoes. The media bombards us with so many conflicting ideas of what’s hot and what’s not. One publication will say it’s neon hair, and another will say it’s soft pastels. A trend-forecasting site may say it’s long straight hair, and another will say it’s choppy curls. Back in September we highlighted the major hair trends during the Spring 19 fashion shows. Now that Spring approaches, we wanted to revisit and recap on some of our favorite trends.

Most likely the biggest hair trend from NY to Paris was the beachy or half dry-half wet look. Whether it’s a nod to our busy, constantly moving lifestyle or an indication of Caribbean dreams, this look can be fresh, fun and easy to copy. It can work for day or night, for a casual day shopping and even a fancy dinner party. Inspirations for this look can be found on the runways of Calvin Klein, Proenza Schouler, Rochas, and Altuzarra.

It may be part of a bigger cultural picture and the current “political” climate, or that droves of women just want to want a fresh start for their locks—one of our favorites from the Spring 19 shows—pixies and boy cuts were also everywhere on the runways. Although it may not be seen as traditionally sexy, this hairstyle can take years off your face. At the same time, shorter hair unburdens you of those old worn out locks. This is the way to give a fresh start to your new year. A haircut like the pixie or boy cut also can also set you on the path to experimenting with your clothing. Fashion is all about balance. Playful hairstyles such as the boy-cut can you give a carefree demeanor and a sense of empowerment. They can let you own your femininity in a new way. Just think how a short, structured haircut contrasts beautifully with the maxi dresses and loose silhouettes of the upcoming season.
Another great trend we saw on the runway was baby bangs. Another look that isn’t traditionally sexy, baby bangs are a great way to frame the face and add a quirky and fun sensibility to your hair. Strong bangs also call attention to the eyes. With minimal and neutral make-up, baby bangs can be even stronger with sexy eyes. With a bolder color on the eyelids and your new choppy bangs, let the eyes do the talking this Spring.
Over in South Korea, the wolf cut has been popular for a few seasons now. The looks continues to dominate for Spring 19 in both a wild version and softer version. The look is named after the wolf for its wild waves. This edgy hairstyle is created by cutting the bangs at the eyebrow, and then framed by graduated layers around the face. The look is a nice contrast to some of the severely straight styles which have dominated the runways. Think wispy, bouncy, feathered waves… 
When it comes to color, the redhead was seen all over the Spring 19 runways. Ginger hair has always been seen as unique, but this season the natural redhead took control with confidence.  It’s the fiery ginger hair which symbolically represents the warmth of the season  It’s no longer the heyday of candy apple red, but a more natural orange and ginger tone reigns. If orange is the new black, this color definitely dominated at major shows including Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu and Sonia Rykiel.
Trends are just a way to sell a product. Finding inspiration from the runways is the easy part, but finding a look that works for you may take some time and experimenting. If you have been getting the same haircut season after season, maybe it’s time to talk to your hairdresser. Maybe it’s time for that shaggy wolf cut.


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