Summer is officially here; so is the scorching sun, heat and humidity. We have been trained to take care of our skin during the summer, but many of us neglect the same treatment when it comes to our hair. As we always say, our hair is our best accessory; Let’s not fail to provide care to our manes, as well.

The summer brings many adversaries to our locks. What can we do during the summer to make sure our hair looks and feels good? Our first pick is to start with a fresh cut or trim at the start of the summer.
Swimming will help beat the heat, but it can also do a number on your hair, especially for blondes. That nasty green tint is caused by copper molecules and other pool chemicals that bind to the protein in the hair shaft. And it’s not just the pool, salt water will draw out the moisture in your hair. There are a few tricks to maintenance:  Don’t wash your hair before going swimming. Use a leave in conditioner (before swimming) which will coat your hair from the chemicals. Upon leaving the ocean or pool, try to rinse your hair immediately.
No one loves humidity, or its pesky best friend, frizz. Humidity affects the hydrogen bonds in the hair and to a lesser extent, the salt bonds. The higher the humidity, the more these bonds are broken. We want to keep the moisture in our hair. The best defense to show smooth, shiny locks in the summer is maintenance. Keep up with your trims. Try to avoid lots of additional heating of the hair (curling irons, etc), this will dry out your hair even further.  Find a great conditioner for your hair type, and a great tip: after applying sunscreen to your body and face, just rub the excess through your hair.
And it’s not just what you put on your hair; it’s what we put into our bodies. Stay hydrated.  Water helps in cell growth and transportation of minerals.  Good hydration ensures that hair stays hydrated and healthy.  Adequate water also prevents drying of the scalp.
When all the tips and tricks just aren’t doing their thing, bring out the fashionista. A great straw hat or scarf will give protection and style simultaneously.  Parisians and Italians are known for their chic head scarves. While it may seem intimidating to many Americans, a simple scarf can take you from the pool to dinner looking like Audrey Hepburn, yes!!! Straw hats are universally loved; they have been used to beat the heat for thousands of years in the tropical climates of Southeast Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America. Straw hats are a mainstay and an everyday part of life practically every but North America. Find one that suits you, and make it part of your summer staples and you’ll be sure to stand out.  If a scarf or hat isn’t for you, a loose braid or ponytail is a great alternative.
Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) may have said it best, “The rules of hair care are simple and finite. Any Cosmo girl would have known.”  Have a great summer, and don’t forget about your trims.

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