Super Bowl of Fashion!

Feb 28, 2019 | Beauty, Color, Design, Fashion, Larry's Blog, Trends

Some call it the biggest fashion night of the year; others call it the Super Bowl of Fashion. Regardless of what you may read from other publications and websites, Sunday’s Oscar red carpet was a very safe fashion catwalk. Where was the Swan Dress, the backwards tuxedo or even the sheer, beaded pajamas à-la Barbara Streisand?  

By safe we mean common, and that was the case for a few major trends which dominated the red carpet.  Pink was the color of the night; gowns were worn in many shades of the “feminine” color, but it was hot pink which was the favorite. Stars such as Linda Cardellini and Angela Bassett came out in the bright shade. But the stand-out star in pink was Helen Mirren in Schiaperelli. Her waist-cinching gown was full of layers and layers of pink tulle in hot pink, coral, and light pink. The other hot trend of the night was metallic (in both silver and gold).  We saw Molly Sims, Glen Close, and Michelle Yeoh looking regal in metallic gowns, but it was Jenny from the Block who stole the show in a pieced mirror ball gown by Tom Ford. As she walked the red carpet, the gown beautifully reflected the red from the carpet.
Although most of the fashion was not the spectacle we hoped to see, there were two stars who showed up to impress: Billy Porter and Emma Stone. Billy Porter became the first man to wear a full gown to the Oscars. Designed by Project Runway Alumni, Christian Soriano.  “I want people to understand that you don’t have to understand or even agree with other people’s authenticity or truths, but we must all respect each other.” said Porter on his choice of being a Black Cinderella.  Emma Stone’s dress was custom made for her by French design house, Louis Vuitton. As soon as she hit the red carpet, social media went crazy over the gown. Using pearls, beads, and sequins, the gown with the exaggerated shoulders took over 712 hours to complete.
When it came to hair, the big look of the night was the dark brown bob.  Forget the updos and the finger waves, it was the sleek bob worn by A listers such as Charlize Theron, Irina Shayk, Maya Rudolph, and Emilia Clarke.  Both Theron and Clarke dyed their hair the day of the show.  Even more interesting, Charlize Theron and Irina Shayk both wore the sleek bob with backless, long-sleeve gowns.
When a huge night of celebration for the arts creates an even bigger platform for fashion, you know it’s going to be a point of topic at every water cooler across the country.  Whether you enjoy the beauty of simplicity or want extreme fashion, the red carpet is a must watch. It has become just as important as who won the golden statues. We hope in future years we see the red carpets, as the industry diversifies, fill up with bolder and more inspiring looks that represent the vibrant and dynamic culture of fashion endeavor that we hope you feel empowered to embody in your day-to-day.


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