The 10 KEYS to an Optimal Salon

Apr 22, 2013 | Concrete Business

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by Mike Liguori

All great Salons (and companies) must do the following:

Key 1.  Begin with the End in Mind. If you don’t have the map and your Unique Strategic Positioning (USP) you won’t find the way. 

Key 2. You observe the trends and have expertly developed how your salon is branded to maximize your impact.

Key 3. Leadership and Management: How you lead, how you manage, how you organize your company, how you systematize your business and most importantly how you show up.

Key 4. Mastering productivity: How well are you managing your productivity and the productivity of your team?

Key 5. Training: What does the training look like, sound like and feel like in your salon? What methods of training do you utilize? Constant Improvement.


Key 6. Implementation: The steps to cement it in. Make no mistake, knowledge isn’t power. It’s the use of knowledge that gives us power.

Key 7.  Profit Maximizer: There are about a dozen or so primary ways to maximize your revenue and maybe 30 or so subcategories. Most salons have lost significant profits that they never realize.

Key 8. Hiring and Talent: Most salons are just not serious enough about how they hire. Hiring is a growth strategy, not just a tactical need.

Key 9. Ideal Guest Strategy: In addition to everything else you’re doing, you need a “Best Guest Strategy.” This means that you have a special effort to attract the dreamy clients you’ve always wanted.

Key 10. 100 plus tactics deployed expertly: How many ways to attract and keep guests do you currently have? Most salons are lucky if they have three or four methods. Over the next 10 weeks we will cement in each key one by one and share ideas on how you can take each key and optimize them into your salon as an ongoing and never ending improvement process.


Concrete Business is dedicated to providing outstanding growth and management tools and contributing to the success of our clients.  Our focus is on developing all areas of the salon.  Instead of asking “where have you been”, the focus migrates first to “where do we want to go” and finally to “Who do we want to be?”  Our philosophy is focused on developing each of the major impact areas that affect the organization on every level facilitating an organization that runs better, faster and stronger.


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