The holiday season is upon us!

Nov 18, 2018 | Beauty, Christine Zilinski, Fashion, Larry's Blog, Trends

The holiday season is upon us!

With this comes parties, family gatherings, and work functions. Getting together with our friends and family is special to all of us. But buying a new outfit for each occasion is not always practical, and more importantly, we still want to look our best. We wanted to put together a few suggestions for holiday dressing without breaking the bank or continually showing up to our loved ones with the same tired old looks year after year.

Don’t be obvious with your color choices!

Red and Green can be cute but try a more sophisticated palette that says modern and stylish. We love neutral, monochromatic, color palettes from top to bottom accented with color-blocked accessories. For example, surprise everyone with a neutral dusty pink. A versatile blouse or sweater in a pink tone can be paired with a wide leg trouser in a matching tone. This simple look can now be elevated with bold, gold jewelry such as as statement earrings and cuff. While the natural inclination would be to wear a gold (or nude) shoe with this look, we love sticking with the color-blocked theme. In this case, we are pairing the pale pinks with a bold burgundy heel.

Plaid is another way to be festive!

Without looking too predictable. A simple shape with some fine details in plaid can instantly become more festive with the right accessories. We are pairing this blue plaid dress with fishnets and patent leather loafers. Both of these choices may not be the obvious pairing with this style of dress, but that’s what we love about it, the unexpected. The texture of the hose can seem intimidating and overwhelming, but paired with plaid, it becomes the second attraction. It’s a fine compliment to the main attraction.  As well, since fishnet hose can have a sexier connotation, we wanted to complete the look with shoes which are more sophisticated/demure without pushing the boundaries: the patent loafer.  

While a black turtleneck dress is nothing new, it’s a classic which will continue to stand the test of time. The silhouette and style can practically work on any body shape. It doesn’t scream “here I am” but it does say chic. A turtleneck dress works in both woven and knit versions and will look great belted or unbelted. We love the option of the belt to create the hour-glass silhouette. Since it is a timeless style, we are pairing it this season  with the shoe of the moment, the white bootie.  

Last on our list…

of holiday suggestions is a trapeze dress, or basically an oversized shirt-dress. This one is from Palmer/Harding. It’s an updated take on the basic shirt dress and has enough details to stand out. The portrait collar will make you look stunning for those holiday photos and selfies. This style is great for the woman who wants to eat and drink and not have to worry about body image. It’s forgiving and can easily be accessorized with just about anything, boots, heels, sneakers, necklace, earrings, hats, or even a headband. Most strong silhouettes or styles can limit your styling choices, this one is practically limitless.

Of course when the holiday season approaches, we all think about buying new outfits to impress our families and loved ones. A simple update of current pieces in the wardrobe can be more economical and sustainable, but if you are buying new pieces, we suggest buying pieces which aren’y just for the holidays. Look for styles which you can later use for work or just casually hanging out.  You will have less buyer’s remorse and get much more wear from the garments.

Cheers to happy and healthy holiday season, and we hope to see you at the salon soon.

pink blouse:
pink trousers:
Gold earrings and cuff:
Burgundy Pumps:
Plaid dress:
Fishnets stockings:
turtleneck dress:
white booties:
shirt dress:


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