Trends on the streets during Fashion Month!

Mar 9, 2019 | Beauty, Color, Design, Fashion, Larry's Blog, Trends

Fashion Month is over. Designers from New York, London, Milan, and Paris have shown the upcoming Fall 19 season. At this point, practically everyone from the local blogger to the NY Times has covered the runway shows, and more specifically, what’s going to be on trend for the next Autumn/Winter season. But what were the people on the streets wearing? This week’s blog will highlight the trends seen on the streets during Fashion Month.
Some important context: Streetstyle has become a bona fide phenomenon. Photographers and bloggers who cover the streets have become household names themselves.  Examples include Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist, Adam Katzsinding, and Phil Oh all of who have reputable blogs that cover streetstyle. One of the favorites, Tommy Ton, has made the transition from Streetblogger to Creative Director of Deveaux.  
New York kicks off Fashion Month. New York fashion faces an existential crisis .New York is not known for refinement and elegance, or creativity and boundary-breaking we see habitually in London and Paris. New York, however, seemed the most diverse this February. Streetwear wasn’t represented by one or two major trends. We highlight four streetstyle trends from the fashion crowds at the runway shows. Tie-dye was one of the big hits, as predicted by the overlords of fashion in the write-ups of last season’s runways (September). But we’re not seeing the hippie-dippy low-key tie dye. For 2019, tie-dye is more refined, with an elevated presence. We also saw a lot of pink coats outside the runway shows. The “feminine color” was also one of the favorites as the Oscars. It doesn’t seem like this particular trend is slowing down.  Also, popular at NY Fashion Week were the Canadian Suit (head-to-toe denim) and the power suit.
London is known for its creativity. The audience at the fashion shows “peacocked” in their Sunday best. As a result, the the street fashion was eclectic, but neutrals and green were definitely the colors of choice. Color trends come and go, but most of the time, they never really follows on the retail level, so it’s refreshing to see green make such a strong statement. The other standout color palette: neutrals. In this rainy city, it was the camels, beiges, and greys which dominated the crowds outside the fashion shows.
Off to Milan. The sexy city gave us tons of classic trench coats and also snake print. Leopard has become such a staple, no longer a trend, we seem to need a new animal print to make a statement. This season it’s python. The trend was seen in tons of fun colors, but truly the classic black, grey, and white print was the standout star.  A snake skin boot can take any basic outfit to the next level.  
Who knows the origin of the Paris trend, but it seemed like Black & White, and Red outfits were all over the city of lights. Black and White is a staple in the french woman’s wardrobe, but at the shows, we usually see much more risk-taking. Interestingly enough, the bold color which stands out among the black and white, Red, was the other color of choice. It was hard not to miss the gorgeous attendees in these strikingly, bold red dresses. It was a complete antithesis to the more subdued black and white. It’s hard not to think that the austerity and severity of French women right now represents an attempt to assert some formal control in the chaotic political turmoil of France today.
When it comes to hair, WWD recently ran an article about the fashion crowd’s big hair trend: the barrette and headband. Perhaps it was the Prada Pearl Headband which started the trend, but it definitely doesn’t end there. Barrettes and headbands of various shapes and sizes were seen all over NY, London, Milan, and Paris. It may be the one trend which has caught on globally.
While trend-forecasting and research is done usually by publications such as Vogue, WWD, and Marie Claire, Streetstyle blogs are a good alternative source when it comes to fashion and hair inspiration. It’s not always what’s in the magazines that catches our eye, but how the average person put pieces together to express individuality.


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