Wedding season is upon us!

Jun 6, 2018 | Christine's Blog, Fashion, hair, Weddngs

The start of June means wedding season is upon us. It’s a blissful time for the two love birds, but for most invited guests, it’s a love/hate relationship. What to wear? How much to spend? Weddings are an ideal settings for reunions, new friendships, and the memorial story of how you may meet the one on the floor.

The key issue when planning what to wear for a wedding is not to upstage the bride. Given the social potential and possibilities, we all feel the urge to find a way to standout at such festive ceremonies.

With so many weddings, it can cost a lot to attend all of them.  Regardless of your budget, we wanted to highlight a few hair styles and dresses which will help you make a positive impression with all the guests.

Our top picks for hairstyles are barely-there-waves, the faux perm, and headbands. Kristen Bell is famous for her barely-there-waves. This is a softer wave which allows you to show some texture. It can seem understated, but can be the perfect complement to a more serious dress (style).

The faux perm is on the opposite end of the hair spectrum—big, bouncy curls. We love this style on Blake Lively. While it may seem like an unforgettable throwback to the 80s, big curly hair, can be the right amount of sexy and volume to balance an otherwise simple dress choice.


Our final pick for your wedding hairstyle is headbands. A headband can be simple or ornate. It can transform your hair from basic to sexy, from plain to demure. Elle Fanning classically shows us how a simple pulled back pony tail can be uptown chic with a rhinestone headband.


When it comes to dresses the choices are infinite and so are the price-points. We suggest three dresses at a low, medium, and high price range. Cos, the higher quality fashion produced by the H&M corporation, gives us a simple yet classic boat-neck, slip dress, with an open back. This dress is versatile and demure and is perfect at any summer event. Because we love balance and contrast, we suggest this paired with your sexy faux perm.


For the middle price-point, we suggest a flirty, crocheted dress from Self Portrait, known for their occasion dresses. This inviting style will make the perfect impression when you are introduced to your future husband.


Richard Quinn’s asymmetrical, printed floral dress is our top pick, especially for those who really want to stand out. With layers of print and color, this dress finds its match with barely-there-waves.

Regardless of your budget, style or personality, we believe weddings are a great place to experiment with your style. It’s not about outshining the bride, but it is a festive occasion where we can play dress up as if we were on the red carpet. Enjoy the wedding season and the warming weather.


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