What keeps you stuck?

Apr 12, 2017 | Christine's Blog, Concrete Leadership

Are there things in your life that you really want and it seems like something has a hold on you? Or maybe you are unsure if the thing you really want is for you.

I can relate to all of this. As an Entrepreneur, even moreso. The daily voice that creeps in and looks at what’s happening around you and reminds you that your reality is not at all matching your dream.

See this is where we can get hung up. I believe when we think so much about our current circumstance we lose belief in our dreams.

Sometimes my conversation can go “Maybe you should stop dreaming and get back to reality!”

I have to remind myself over and over that “I am resourced with all that I need.” There is nothing we don’t have.

Not saying that we don’t have to take action, because action is what builds momentum and we need to keep moving so that more opportunities will unfold.

I mean, do not get hung up in your head about where you are at the moment.

So what helps you get out of your head and into action?

For me, I have to wake up early, spend some time alone, read an inspiring story and learn how the mind works. When I do this it reminds me of the human potential and gets me back on track to become all that I can be.

We all have these voices that are determined to keep us small and not pursuing our dreams. What you do with them will determine if you will live the abundant life you were meant to live!


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