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My sisters recently asked me to go with them to see Keith Urban at the PNC Arts Center. Now, the only reason I even know of Keith Urban is because he’s married to Nicole Kidman. I have to say I am not a country music fan, unless it’s the old timers like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

However, we are talking about my sisters, who are my best friends. And boy do they know how to have fun! We’ve all had a rough year with our Dad being so sick and recently passing away. So, we decided to dedicate this night to him since he loved country music.

So, we get into the concert, find our seats, and the music starts. I have no clue what the first song is. But, what I do know is that Keith Urban is not bad to look at. Of course, the whole night I am assessing his hair and thinking about how I could possibly get my hands on it. I will work on that!

Anyway, the first thing that really amazes me is a moment when he takes a young girl and her father onto the stage, after learning it is the girl’s very first concert. He sits her down and sings right to her. You can see the sparkle in her eyes and how much he’s touching her heart. Her Dad looks on with an enormous smile and I’m imagining he’s feeling like he’s the best Dad in the world. It’s as if the entire audience is inspired by the love shining through in that moment.

Then Keith Urban walks right through the crowd and hops onto a stage that’s built close to the lawn seats. He sings to the fans that are all the way in the back rows. You can feel Keith Urban’s energy and how he wants to make sure that every single fan that comes to his show knows he cares about them. The way he speaks and sings to his audience makes me feel just like that little girl on the stage.

And then he ends the concert by thanking everyone for their time and long drive and for sitting in the heat to watch him. You could tell how much he loves performing and how grateful he is that people enjoy his music. Even after the concert is over, he sticks around and signs posters and gives high fives for all the screaming fans in the front row.

I have been to many live shows, but I have to say this is the first time that I have ever felt such a strong connection from a performer who has so much heartfelt energy. Although I don’t think I will become a country music fan anytime soon I can say that I am now a Keith Urban fan!

As my sisters and I headed home I wondered about the power of connection and how amazing it feels when deep connection can happen even in a room filled with thousands of people.

Considering I’m preparing for a speaking engagement for 500 salon owners and their teams, I am glad to have had the experience of feeling how important and powerful it is when a speaker, or performer, creates connection from the stage.

So, how do you can stay connected and show how much you care? I challenge us all to stay connected so that everyone around you can feel your heartfelt energy.


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